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Things to Consider when Purchasing a Fire Rated Access Door or Panel


Doors are used to provide security and give access to certain places within a residential, commercial or an industrial property. Due to an improvement in civil technology, more types of doors are being created each day. That is why it has become even easier for buyers to get the right doors for the designated use. Gone are the days when one used to buy a door and later find out that it does not fit well. You can now order a door from your house once you know the right measurements and features. All doors serve essentially the same purposes, but they are installed in different places. For instance, there are duct access, wall, Jacuzzi and ceiling doors in the market and they all have the job but are applied in different regions within a property. For you to make the right purchase, you need to know some of the things to consider when buying an access door. Continue reading the text below.

Fire Rated

The first thing to consider is whether or not the access door is fire rated. Also, define your goal on whether you need a fire rated door or a nonrated one. Fire rated access door can great for laboratories, walls, and ceilings. You can identify a fire rated access door by spotting fire logo on its display.

Material Used

You must consider the material used in a given door before making any commitment. Also, determine the material that you desire. When having this consideration, ensure you have a clear reason why you want a given door. The materials will complement its effectiveness once it is installed. The material is also used to determine the durability of given access door. For instance, drywall installations are normally floated and sometimes taped to look professional and uniform with the wall. The same applies to the ceiling access doors. You do not want somebody to note the difference between the access door and the entire ceiling.

Place of Installation

As I mentioned earlier on, there are many types of fire rated access doors. There are ceiling, walls, Jacuzzi, and duct fire rated access doors. All these have a specific place where they are fit to be installed. It is upon you to determine where you want to place your new door. This will give an insight on the best model to be ordered. For example, special ceiling application is commercial properties are concealed with grid panel systems. So knowing the right place of installation will help you to choose an access door that is fit for that particular region.

Access Doors

Security is very important when it comes to choosing the best fire rated access door in the market. Some of the applications need a secure access door for blocking unwanted people and vandals away from your panels. Make sure you take time to analyze your current security situation so that you can make the right decision especially when you are ordering from online stores. Always determine whether or not you need a high-end security access door or panel.