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Finding a Reputable Attic Cleaning Company


Individuals having a crawl space or attic in their homes should ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned, repaired and maintained. These spaces are likely to collect allergens, dirt and other toxic substances if they are not unattended.

Such substances can end up affecting the quality of the indoor air and the general health of your family. Cleaning of the crawl space should be done carefully. Some safety concerns and hazards need to be considered when cleaning this structure. This is done to ensure that your health is not put at risk.

Choosing a reputable attic cleaning company

Just like with the other contracting jobs, you should go for a firm that delivers top quality services at an affordable price. You will find many contractors saying that they can offer these services, but some of them are not legitimately qualified to offer these services. Outlined here below are some of the factors that you need to consider when hiring an attic cleaning company.

Insist on a written agreement

Any agreement of the wolf that needs to be completed when cleaning should be formalized in writing. You should also agree on the liabilities belonging to you and the cleaning company/ contractor. Putting things in writing will always guarantee your peace of mind.contract


You should always verify that these companies are licensed. They should have the proper licensing from the respective professional bodies. In addition to this, it is paramount to check their credentials before hiring.


Verifying their insurance

The company’s insurance should be verified by contacting the insurance agents. Insurance is helpful in protecting both the contractor and the home-owner. It is therefore important to ensure that their insurance coverage is checked out.


A genuine warranty will cover both the contractor’s labour and the work itself. A reputable contractor will never be afraid to stand behind the work done. Again, it is also imperative to inquire about the manufacturer’s warranty on the insulation materials and other suppliers that are being used by the contractor.warranty

Asking for follow-up and references

Get to know what their past customers say about them. You should make an effort of finding them and calling them. The honest customers will tell you whether they were happy with the services offered to them. Alternatively, you can read the customers reviews on the company’s website. You should ask for ample testimonials from the contractor on the successful projects or work that he or she has accomplished.