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How to Choose the Right Security Guards to Work With

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Are you security guard company manager? And you are looking to hire some qualified security guards? Well, we all know that getting an average person is quite an easy task, but, finding the right security personnel who will not upset your clients, or even earn you some week’s termination letter, is not an easy task as you may take. Trust me you need a lot of research to be sure the person you choose is the best. As a managing director whether in airport security department or any other department, how do you find the best? This context has some helpful tips that you need to have a perfect choice.

Check on the Candidate Criminal Background

Getting, the criminal background of a person can be very expensive the check worth it. Trust me; it is wise to make this move. In many countries, these are requirements for every officer make sure you conduct this do not skip because you might end up with a thief. Take your time and hire someone with right past clean from any criminal practice.

Communication Skills

information Remember a security guard is someone to give people direction and making sure that the working environment is safe for both you and your clients. It is then a wise idea to hire someone with excellent communication skills. Someone, who can interact with customers and communicate in an understandable language that can direct clients to your services, and promote sales. I, therefore, recommend that, before you start the interview try to conduct some face-to-face conversation to proof the candidate commands in the language. Consider someone who can use English as the first language to cover a large number of world customers. It is said 70% of world population use English, and in the 70% are your customers so priories the language.

Ability to Read and Write

Well-written reports are crucial in making some good impression on your clients. Before, you decide on who to take ensure he or she can read and write. You can assess this in one hour by giving each candidate a writing and reading test. Alternatively, you can give each candidate a pen and a piece of paper and dictate some words to them. Remember in today’s’ world all the entrance and exit records are stored for future reference, so, the best files are from the person with perfect writing skills.

Drug Test

testing for drugsMake sure any candidate you take in for a job pass all the drug test. It is wise to avoid some candidate who is a drug addict. As you know drug addict most of the time are out of their minds and can cause chaos anytime. Take, for example, the person is a tobacco addict, and you are hiring him or her in a chemical industry, and most of your chemicals are highly flammable it can lead to a fire. On the other hand, he or she is using tobacco, and some of your clients are allergic to tobacco smoke you lose. Take your time and find the best person who will help in improving your business.