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Tips on Decorating A Small Kitchen

It’s almost everyone’s dream to have a huge kitchen, with long countertops, lots of cabinets, artwork, the whole deal. However, not everyone is blessed with such luxury. Some of us are left with only a small space to be used as a kitchen. However, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on decorating it.

A small kitchen can become a comfortable and delightful place for you to cook and even eat in, when decorated effectively. Plenty of websites such as Homeddict also has suggestions on how to decorate your kitchen that can be used as a reference. Here are a few tips from us to help you get started.

Use a light color palette

Dark colors tend to enclose a space and make it seem like it’s full and crowded. We suggest using a light color palette, such as cream or white, for your kitchen. You can add a bold pop of color or pattern here and there to make your kitchen more dimensional. Limit the amount of this though, because it can easily be overdone and would ruin the bigger space we’re trying to create for your kitchen. A popular trick is to paint one wall with a different, bolder color or use patterned wallpaper only on one wall.

Use wall shelves and hangers

Cabinets not only take up a lot of space, they also have a higher chance to be cluttered, and clutter is never a good thing for small spaces. Utilize your kitchen’s walls by pinning wall shelves for storage and wall rails to hang your pots. This way, it’d be easier to see and find everything without having to open a drawer. Make sure that the walls are free from water leaks, as that will damage the shelves and hangers. Utensils can be stored on the shelves too if you don’t have countertops with drawers.

Buy foldable furniture

The new advances in furnishing have led us to practical foldable furniture. We recommend getting these for your kitchen. You can get a foldable table for four that is only expanded when there are actually four people dining on the table. Foldable chairs are also helpful, and you can fold them and put them against the wall once they are not used. This will provide you more space when you’re cooking or washing the dishes. You can also store extra furniture that is foldable easily and takes them out for when there are guests that will dine with you.