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Choosing the Right White Noise Machines for Children

beautiful baby sleeping

Getting your baby to sleep can sometimes be a difficult task, right? If you’re a parent you’ll definitely agree with that. The good news is that you don’t have to worry any longer as a white noise machine will help you do the trick.

White noise is simply a combination of sounds of different frequencies together. Imagine of all the tones your ear can hear when combined, that is white noise. A white noise machine is, therefore, used to mask all the external sounds and replace them with a constant sound hence helping your baby to sleep easily.

Why Babies Love White Noise

baby white noiseWhen in the womb, a baby is used to hear such sounds like the whooshing of the mother’s heartbeat, the vague rumble of the environmental voices and a muffled jumble of different voices. What white noise does is simply to mimic this kind of sounds that a baby hears and triggers comfort in children hence quality sleep.

White Noise Machines: Characteristics and Functions

Some white noise machine models feature softer, soothing sounds and lullaby melodies. Also, some others are specifically designed for mobility.

Specifications do vary depending on the brand, but a standard white noise machine is designed with the following:

  1. Size – the machines are compact measuring no more than 10W” x 10L” x 10H”.
  2. Volume – they always come with adjustable volume settings
  3. Speed Timer – some machines have a timer to help in programming it stop sound production at a specific time period.
  4. Sound Options – basically, they are equipped with several sound options that include ambient and natural sounds.
  5. Power – the machine operate using different power mechanisms, some use batteries and others nee an electrical output. Modern white noise machines are powered using the USB cords.
  6. Remote Control – some will come with a remote control making operation easy without needing to be physically present.

Apart from the features above for the various white noise machines for children, you should also ask yourself the following questions in case you want to make a purchase.

  • How much does it cost?white noise machine
    Does the machine include warranty coverage?
    Does the machine mask sound loops?

Best White Noise Machines for Children

There are various types of white noise machines for children. The top white noise machines for babies are:


This is an excellent machine producing a quality sound of a wide range- in fact, produces 20 different fan and white noise. Overall, it is the best type of white noise machine. It is small, solid and compact making it portable.


Avantek is also a good variety that has six fans, six white noise as well as eight nature sounds. It balances the variety and the sound quality all in a compact unit.

Marpac Dohm DS

If you prefer the gentle fan sounds, then Marpac Dohm DS is the ideal deal. It uses the internal fan and specializes in fan sound.

LectroFan Micro

A LectroFan micro is an ultra-compact machine with a wireless play as well as a Bluetooth audio streaming.

Big Red Rooster

A big red rooster is an easy-to-use machine with six nature sounds.
Generally, you don’t have to do it yourself all the time to make sure your baby gets to sleep. Get the best white noise machine and enjoy a peaceful night.